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From Psychic to Psychotic and Beyond By Kerry Ann JacobsIt was January 2009 in Wellington, New Zealand. I was 43 and overloaded with emotionally charged court cases as a sole family law barrister. I was missing my late grandmother. In my mind I called to her many times for her to visit me. She didn't but she did visit my mother in her dreams. My mother said that she was calm and serene. 

I began a path of psychic experimentation. I searched the Internet for ways for me to increase my psychic awareness. I progressed to buying a crystal ball and images would unfold in front of me and then words started appearing. Soon I no longer needed the crystal ball, because full sentences were appearing before me on the ground. It was Wes my spirit guide communicating with me. He had been talking to me all along. When Wes started speaking to me in my head, he told me that he was my husband and he said “I love you to bits”.

I was soon surrounded by spirits such as Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Heath Ledger and Albert Einstein. We were doing everything together. I no longer needed  anyone from the real world 

But unbeknownst to me, there were dark forces that were awaiting me, where all my worst fears would be realized. I would experience demons, the afterlife and the darkness of hell.

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About Kerry

Hi I'm Kerry Ann Jacobs I have just published my first book:
 From Psychic to Psychotic and Beyond on amazon.comKerry Ann Jacobs
New out now in paperback from createspace.com.

I have a bipolar disorder. While there are many types, in my case I hear voices in my head as well as a tendency to experience manic episodes. However this is now all countered with a combination of an anti-psychotic drug and a mood stabilizer, which have enabled me to lead a normal life.

As well as working as a lawyer again, I am now doing freelance writing in the mental health field.

I have written a New Zealand perspective on the cultural and medical aspects of bipolar affective disorder. This will be a supplement to the manual “Healthy Living with Bipolar” for the International Bipolar Foundation. The manual is free to those who write to the Foundation at this website address:



If you would like me to do some writing for you on bipolar or other mental health issues please contact me at either one of my email addresses.

 e-mail Kerry Ann Jacobs at




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